Monday, May 11, 2015

PICN (hospital stay part 2)

Mia was born at 36 weeks, which is one week premature, and 4 weeks before her due date. Because Mia was born premature, she had to do a car seat test.  They needed to monitor her oxygen levels sitting in her car seat for 90 minutes.  The morning we were scheduled to be discharged from the hospital they took her to do her test.  Two hours later they brought her back and informed us that she did not pass.  While in her car seat she would lose oxygen and have moments when she would stop breathing.  It wasn't anything serious enough that she needed to be on oxygen, she was breathing just fine for the most part, but just something they wanted to monitor for 48 hours.  While I wanted nothing more than to take my baby home, I am so grateful for this test and that we would know Mia was healthy when we were finally able to take her home.  Jordan and I were able to sleep at the hospital in a visiting room to be close to Mia.  I couldn't imagine going home without her.  My mom was at our home with Boston, and they would come visit during the day, and she would stay with him at night.   I loved seeing Boston and Mia together.  Boston loves her, and wants to kiss, touch, and hold her.  He also loved visiting the hospital to see the train and run in the halls.  We are so happy my mom was in town to play and take care of Boston while we took care of his baby sister in the hospital.
The doctors told us if Mia had no incidents where she would stop breathing after 48 hours they would re do the car seat test and we would be able to go home.  They performed the carseat test during night 2 at the PICN and Mia passed, but following the test that night and next morning Mia had 4 incidents of losing oxygen, 2 where they had to stimulate her to remind her to start breathing again.  Because of this they wanted to continue to monitor her for another three days.  Mia did great the following three days, having no more incidents, and we were able to bring her home.  It was the greatest day to have our own little family together in our own house, and in our own beds.  
We are so thankful for all of the doctors and nurses who took such good care of us during our stay at the PICN.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Mia Darlene Cushman

Mia Darlene Cushman was born on April 11, 2015 at 1:54 am.  
She weighed 5 pounds 15 ounces and was 17 inches long.
Mia's due date was not until May 6.  I had scheduled to be induced on May 3 so that my parents, Ryan, and Emily would be able to be here.  Mia had other plans in mind though when she decided to come 4 weeks early.  
I had been thinking the previous week to get things ready, and even had a dream she was born early.  I got the house/Mia's room (mostly) put together, but that's about it.  I kept thinking to put together a hospital bag, but never did it.  Jordan had a work trip to Utah for two days, less than 48 hours actually, and would be gone from the 9th-11th.  The day he left I told him I was having major anxiety about him going.  (I think it was a sign he shouldn't go.) The morning of the 10th I woke up feeling cramps, which I thought was just that.  Me and Boston had slept in his big bed, and I thought maybe I just slept weird and was sore.  I told Jordan when I talked to him throughout the day I was having really bad cramps, and at times couldn't even move. Which now I realize I was in complete denial that I was actually having contractions.  Boston and I spent the day at the pool with some friends.  Eventually they all went in for naps but Boston wanted to keep swimming, and I was feeling more pain as the day went on, so I figured I would just let him keep swimming until he said he was ready to go.  We left the pool around 4:30, and I called Jordan on the way home in tears not knowing what was wrong.  When we got home, I put Boston in the tub, and called my doctor.  As I waited for my doctor to return my call, I frantically put together a hospital bag and called my friend Sariah to come pick up Boston for me. At this point I just wanted to go to the hospital, not caring if I was in labor or not, but just to be checked, I was feeling too much pain to just sit at home any longer, so after my doctor said that was a good idea (my doctor not thinking I was in labor either), Sariah and Boston drove, and dropped me off at the hospital.
Jordan in the meantime was in Utah, and for some reason not getting my urgent texts to find a flight home.  After what seemed like forever for the nurse to check me out, she told me I was having contractions, and they were going to give me a shot and IV to try to stop my labor.  I was finally able to talk to Jordan, and I just laugh thinking of how helpless and frantic he was in Utah needing to get back home to us.
After being alone in the hospital for a couple hours, my dear friend Sariah was able to make it back, and the nurse confirmed (what I could feel) that the medicine didn't work, and baby Mia was on her way.  Sariah did a great job updating Jordan and my mother what was going on, and even better job on keeping me company.  We were able to get Jordan on a flight, someone to break into my house to unlock our door so Sariah's husband Justin could bring us a couple things I forgot at home, Boston was sleeping over at Justin and Sariah's, my family canceled there flights that were just booked hours earlier, my mom rebooked hers for the following day, and we found Jordan a ride from the airport to hospital.  Jordan made it with 2 hours to spare before Mia arrived, and my mom was able to get a flight that afternoon.  Once the chaos of Mia coming a month early, Jordan being out of town, and everything else was sorted out, Mia's delivery was perfect.  I have been so lucky to have had two great deliverys.  And also am so lucky to have such great friends who have been life savors during my labor and weeks following, and blessed to have the best mom ever who took care of us, Boston, and my home while we were in the hospital with Mia.  
Mia surprised us all by coming so early, but we are so happy she decided to join us here when she did.